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IMPACT/myGrid – Taverna Hackathon – 14-15/11/2011 – Manchester UK

30 September, 2011

IMPACT & MyGrid will run a free hackathon on the use of Taverna workflows in IMPACT and cultural heritage digitisation.

<Registration is now open for this event – but book quickly as numbers are low>

This workshop will be on the 14-15th November 2011 and held in Manchester, UK.

Full details of the IMPACT/MyGrid Hackathon and online registration can be found on the wiki at:

Registration for this event is free, however there is a ‘no-show’ fee for those who book but who do not turn up.

Summary of Event:

This free workshop will showcase how scientific workflows can be used in digitisation and related fields. Using a number of tools developed in the IMPACT project the workshop will explore how they interact within the Taverna platform and will then lead exploration of some advanced use cases and technical challenges.

The workshop aims to bring together technical staff – ‘developers’ and ‘implementers’, rather than ‘practitioners’ in order to encourage the further development of the tools and investigate new solutions and features that could be developed in the near future for the benefit of the wider community.

The workshop will be run by the technical staff of the IMPACT project in conjunction with the Taverna developers at myGrid.

Any further questions, please contact Ed Bremner

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