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IMPACT Final Conference – ABBYY & OCR Improvements for IMPACT

24 October, 2011
Michael Fuchs - ABBYY

Michael Fuchs - ABBYY

Michael Fuchs, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ABBYY Europe, kicked off the session with a brief presentation of ABBYY products. Fuchs claims ABBYY has made a 40% improvement since 2007 thanks to software improvements and the increasing good quality of images used. Fuchs walked the audience through the range of improvements, including image binarisation, document layout analysis and text/character recognition. Fuchs highlighted the need for well produced binary images from greyscale or colour as an OCR input subject to material being processed. Grey scale and colour images, in fact, while easy on the eye, can significantly hinder the OCR process. Amongst other improvements, ABBYY has also extended its character and text recognition system to include Eastern European languages, such as Old Slavonic.

Finally, ABBYY’s decreased cost in historic fonts and its flexible rates have contributed to IMPACT’s efforts to make digitisation cheaper and OCR technology more accessible to both individuals and collaborations across Europe and the world.

View the presentation here:

or the video here:

For more information on ABBYY Historic OCR can be found here:

You can try out the Gothic/Fraktur OCR portal here:

The public Beta test for the ABBYY online OCR SDK is expected for early 2012.

Michael Fuchs - ABBYY

Michael Fuchs - ABBYY

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